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MercatorGear is proud to introduce KOVEA's range of specialist ultralight back packing & expedition stoves and award winning camping products to the UK.

The KOVEA Spider and KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide products are now in stock and available at our On-line Store with 1-3 day delivery and Free UK & European Postage.

KOVEA EZ-Eco Spider Titanium Booster Adapters

 See our exclusive  KOVEA Spider options ranging in price from £44.00 for a basic (limited availability) model, to £63.49 for the "Spider - Global Explorer" package including igniter and two KOVEA adapters (for butane and camping gas) for maximum flexibilty - all with FREE POSTAGE within the UK & EU.

KOVEA Spider Options  (FREE POSTAGE within EU)

KOVEA innovates, designs and manufactures more than one million camping stoves, blow torches, other mobile gas appliance each year. KOVEA is a preferred partner for the research, design and volume manufacturing needs of many of the world's top stove companies. And KOVEA's patented technologies are now at the core of a high proportion of the world's specialist backpacking stoves.

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KOVEA's range of specialist stoves draw on several decades of R&D, design and volume production experience. KOVEA stoves have rapidly become a hit with users due to their exceptional design, quality and pricing. And in recent years KOVEA has started winning International Design Awards for some of its new outdoor products.

RETAILERS:   If you would like to provide high-end KOVEA gas and multi-fuel stoves to your customers, please get in touch through our contact page. We can arrange to visit you to demonstrate some of our popular products and discuss your needs.

TRADE SHOWS: KOVEA is a regular participant and award winner at Outdoor Show Friedrichshafen & ISPO Munich in Germany, and Outdoor Retailer in Utah, USA. 

SPONSORSHIP: in partnership with KOVEA, supports exceptional adventurers and athletes who are seeking to push the boundaries of possibility. If you are planning a challenging expedition we would be pleased to hear from you to discuss your requirements.


Mark Hines: We are proud to support UK-based arctic ultra-marathon runner, adventurer, writer and physiologist, Mark Hines. We are providing specialist ultra-light stoves as well as technical advice and support for several of his upcoming expeditions in Alaska, Yukon and the Himalayas. Further details on Mark's extreme adventures, research and writing are available on his website,  FaceBook page and Twitter feed.

    • In March 2016 after 39 days, Mark completed the 1000 mile Yukon Quest Trail from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada. The trail is normally undertaken by dog-sled teams, but Mark became the first person on record to have completed the trail on foot and unsupported in this tough, isolated and deep frozen wilderness. For all his snow melting needs on this grueling adventure, Mark used our KOVEA Booster+1 stove which worked flawlessly every time, even down to minus 30oC (-22oF)

See Mark using a KOVEA Spider to melt snow at minus 20oC (-4oF) in the Yukon.

   Mt Blackburn 2014:   KOVEA and MercatorGear supported the innovative and daring expedition to make the first ever kite-assisted attempt on America's 5th highest mountain, the remote 4,996m Mt Blackburn, Alaska. Temperatures at base camp were regularly below minus 20oC (-4oF), and the team relied on KOVEA Dual Max expedition stoves to melt snow for every drop of water required. They also used KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide for rapid water boiling and tested the KOVEA Spider 4-season remote canister stove for low temperature/high altitude usage.  See the movie, here: "Blackburn2014"  

Click here for further details of the Mount Blackburn - Kite Surfing Expedition

   Kitesurfing Team using KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide on Mount Blackburn, Alaska

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 KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide - best in class

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