KOVEA Hydra - Super Quiet Compact Dual Fuel Stove

KOVEA Hydra Dual-Fuel stove
KOVEA Hydra Dual-Fuel stoveKOVEA Hydra with fuel bottleKOVEA Hydra in AlaskaKOVEA Hydra on Mt Blackburn, AlaskaKOVEA Hydra making rosti in the AlpsKOVEA Hydra inverted canister
£ 150.00 each

This item will be sold starting on 2018-08-01


  • Developed and tested by the renowned KOVEA Design Team
  • The most compact and quiet expedition-level dual-fuel stove ever built
  • Weight: 310g (without fuel bottle and pump)
  • Revolutionary combustion chamber technology results in only 61 Db noise level at full power, making it by far the quietest expedition stove ever (for detailed analysis see: KOVEA Stoves: Acoustic Profiles )
  • Utilises proven regulator, pre-heater and burner technology
  • Exceptional flame control
  • Optimised for white gas (pure light naphtha, Aspen 4 or Coleman Fuel) and standard screw thread butane/propane gas canisters.
  • Computer designed folding mechanism brings unprecedented pocket-sized compactness; the Hydra is small enough to fit inside a 550ml cup.
  • Supports and legs unfold to create an impressive and stable 20cm (7.8 inch) diameter pot support platform.
  • Comes with; 500ml fuel bottle; aluminium pump; servicing tool, spare 'O' rings and lube; gas canister support tripod (for inverted canister use), and; lightweight carrying case.
  • The Hydra has to be seen (and heard) to be believed and is set to become a must-have item for explorers, adventurers and world travellers.
  • Product Code; KGB-1305
  • (rigorous product testing has now been completed by KOVEA. Field tested  in UK, Germany, California and Alaska)

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