KOVEA Firefly Lantern - ultralight mini gas lantern

Kovea Firefly Lantern
Kovea Firefly LanternKOVEA Firefly lantern - very brightKovea Firefly and Kovea APWKovea Firefly CharacteristicsKovea Firefly - conditioning mantle
£ 36.00 each

This item will be sold starting on 2019-06-21
  • Ultra-light mini gas lantern producing a very warm bright glow
  • Use for backpacking/camping or at home in the garden
  • Weighs only 146g
  • Output: 4 LUX (seriously bright for such a small lamp)
  • Compatible with all screw thread gas canister brands
  • Easy to replace mantle - spares included
  • Durable ceramic coated surface
  • Detachable stainless steel reflector and hanging chain
  • Protective carry case included
  • Practical no-fuss design based on years of experience
  • Designed and manufactured by KOVEA at their high-tech facility in South Korea
  • Model No. KL-805
Brand URL : KOVEA.com

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