KOVEA Power Nano - 'blow torch' flame with wide pot supports

£ 24.00 each


KOVEA Power Nano - light canister top stove in stainless steel for exceptional build quality and power at a competitive price

KOVEA's legendary design and build quality at an entry-level price

    • "Blow torch" type burner head gives plenty of power for rapid water boiling (Just 2 mins 28 seconds, for 2 cups of water according to a recent Gear Institute review)
    • Maximum Burn Rate: 156g/hour
    • 4 pot supports (120mm across) are wider than other leading stoves in its class providing added stability and safety
    • Very high quality and reliability is assured through high volume manufacture of components for other successful stove models over the last ten years 
    • Small packed size due to ingenious folding mechanism (fits inside 900ml pots with room for a 100g gas canister)
    • CE Marked for assured compliance with European safety standards


  • (we have the first consignment of Power Nano's to reach the UK which have proved to be very robust, powerful and stable in our field trials)

Weight: 95g (plus lightweight protective box)



"Lightweight and compact, it features an excellent wind performance and durability. When folded, the stove takes up a minimum space in your backpack. I used Kovea Power Nano Stove on several hiking trips so far. It performed very well and became one of my favorite pieces in my camp kitchen collection." TRAIL RECIPES


The Gear Institute BEST VALUE Award 2014: "For the price, the Kovea Power Nano is excellent stove that will muscle shelf space from some better-known brands. It impressed me with its durability, wind performance and fast boil time." Read full independent review at "The Gear Institute"

  • If you can read German (or can use "Google Translate") the KOVEA Power Nano also received a very positive review from prestigious Swiss website "Ich Liebe Berge" (I Love Mountains): http://ich-liebe-berge.ch/test-kovea-power-nano-stove/ 


    See our YouTube video featuring the Power Nano




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