KOVEA Adventure - medium gas lantern with piezo and Schott glass

£ 38.70 each


High quality, high performance portable gas lantern

Made in South Korea with KOVEA's market leading regulator and burner technology and German-made Schott glass

  • Fuel: Iso-butane, screw-type gas canister
  • Consumption: 42 g/h (496 kcal / 1,969 BTU / 0.57 kW) consumption
  • One-touch Piezo type ignition
  • 50 Lux illumination
  • Air shutter for better air flow
  • Protective carry case including innovativer lid which can be used for canister stabiliser
  • Practical no-fuss design based on years of experience
  • Designed and manufactured by KOVEA at their high-tech facility in South Korea
  • Model No. KTL-N894




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