KOVEA Dual Max - quiet dual fuel expedition stove

£ 135.00 each



KOVEA Dual Max - expedition dual fuel stove

  • Fuel: white gasoline (Coleman Fuel) and standard screw thread iso-butane/propane gas canisters
  • Consumption: 2,184 kcal/h; gas (1,455 kcal / 5,777BTU / 1.69 kW)


  • Designed for reliable expedition use under harsh conditions
  • Field maintainable with tool and spare parts (included)
  • Padded carry case (included)
  • Integrated nozzle pin mechanism keeps nozzle clear and maintains efficient burn
  • Quiet burner ideal for continuous snow melting at base-camp or high camps
  • Fine flame control allows frying, simmering and proper cooking on both liquid fuel and canister gas
  • Stove, hose and connector weighs 340g
  • Fuel pump constructed from light heat-resistant aluminium weighs 112g
  • Fuel bottle is made by a specialist European manufacturer (low cost suppliers do not meet KOVEA's exacting safety and quality requirements)
  • Used on the Mount Blackburn expedition for near continuous snow melting and cooking at base camp and at altitude

Two KOVEA Dual Max stoves on continuous snow melt duty at base camp on Mount Blackburn, Alaska



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