KOVEA Hose Pen Gas Torch

£ 33.90 each

  • KOVEA HOSE PEN is a precision butane gas torch with flexible hose.
  • For use with low cost nozzel/aerosol-type  (MSF-1A) butane canisters
  • Produces a small, precise and extremely hot (1300oC) blue gas flame, suitable for heating, softening metal, melting and burning.
  • Comes with additional soldering head and table stand.
  • Ideal for DIY & hobbiests
  • Designed and made in South Korea at KOVEA's high tech production faciltiy ensures exceptional quality that low cost countries simply cannot match.


  • Weight: 140g
  • Ignition: By hand
  • Fuel: Low cost pure butane gas (MSF-1A aerosol nozzle-type)
  • Fuel consumption: 8g/h (96kcal / 381 BTU)