KOVEA Alpine EZ-ECO - Boil water without a gas canister

£ 90.00 each



KOVEA Alpine EZ-ECO - Rechargeable Cooking System (no gas canister needed while in use)

Pot Capacity: 1 litre

Weight: 560g (without gas)

NEW PRODUCT CONCEPT - Cook without a gas cylinder

  • Designed to reduce environmental impact of discarded canisters and eliminate the need to carry a canister on the trail.
  • Utilises a unique rechargeable gas reservoir which fits inside the heat exchanger pot together with the burner when not in use.
  • Design was inspired after KOVEA climbers were shocked by the number of empties littering the Everest base camp trail.
  • Recharge the gas reservoir with standard screw thread or aerosol-type butane/propane canister
  • One charge of fuel allows of 6 boils of 500ml water.
  • Enables users to refill the reservoir from larger (and cheaper) 450g iso-butane/propane canisters, thereby cutting down the cost of fuel and reducing the number of canisters used.
  • Ideal for day hikes, picnics and overnight hikes.
  • Leave the gas canister at home, in the car or base camp, and recycle when empty.
  • ISPO 2015/16 Gold Award Winner: The Panel noted "Easy to refill and easy to use" and "A pressure safety control system ensures safety while on the move"

See more pictures at the KOVEA EZ-Eco Resources page.

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