KOVEA P-Adapter



KOVEA P-ADAPTER for pierce-type gas canisters 

Allows you to use cheap pierce-type gas canisters with KOVEA's standard screw thread camping stoves and lanterns.

Pierce-type canisters are sold as puncture-type canisters, and because they do not have a valve, they are significantly cheaper than standard screw-thread gas canisters. .

Essential when travelling and car camping. Allows you to save money and increase your options by using puncture-type canisters.


  • Use for worldwide travel to increase your gas canister options; especially useful in southern and eastern Europe, and places where screw thread canisters are less common.
  • Can be used with KOVEA Spider, SupaLite, Titanium, Power Nano and other stoves and gas lanterns.
  • Also made by KOVEA for Edelrid/Markill brands
  • Weight: 141g
  • Code: KA 1004  

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