KOVEA Stoves & Adapters is an official retailer of  KOVEA stoves and adapters. We supply the the excellent KOVEA Spider, and the ISPO Award Winning KOVEA Cube stove. Our full range of KOVEA Adapters are used with a wide range of portable gas canisters.

Top uses include; expeditions, backpacking, thru-hiking, bike touring, mountaineering, survival & prepping, emergency services & military, and home/garden cooking.

For news about our forthcoming EU Fulfilment Centre, see:  MercatorGear Updates was established to bring innovative KOVEA stoves and adapters to European customers. Our users are mainly experienced outdoor adventurers who expect more from their gear, and from their gear supplier. In return, we encourage feedback and questions. We provide pre-expedition advice, technical support and trouble shooting to users in some of the most remote places on earth. And we pride ourselves with our personal friendly service. Our aim is to make sure you get the most out of your trip, and maximum enjoyment from using gear from KOVEA and other great gear companies.

MercatorGear Gas Canister Calculator 2.0

If you just need to know how many gas canisters you will need for your trip, try our Gas Canister Calculator. It will help you to plan your trip by working out the minimum number of gas canisters you will need for your specific cooking/water boiling needs.


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…and boycott Russian gas

Most camping gas canisters available in Europe, are made in South Korea, France, UK, Greece and several other countries. The canisters are generally filled with liquefied gas from USA, Middle east, Malaysia & Australia. In the case of shortages, and to help eliminate use of Russian gas, you can use any good quality brand camping stoves and heaters to help stop funding the illegal war.