KOVEA Camping Stoves and Adapters from MercatorGear.com

KOVEA Camping Stoves and Adapters

KOVEA camping stoves and adapters from MercatorGear.com. As official KOVEA retailer we supply the excellent KOVEA Spider 4-season remote canister stove, and the ISPO Award Winning KOVEA Cube table-top stove. Because of out great relationship with KOVEA, we also supply the full range of KOVEA Adapters for gas canisters.

Due to their high quality manufacture in South Korea,  KOVEA stoves and adapters are chosen to be used in demanding environments all over the world.  Top uses include;  backpacking, bike touring, mountaineering, survival, prepping & military use, where safety and reliability are absolutely essential.

MercatorGear.com was established to bring innovative KOVEA camping stoves and adapters to explorers, adventurers and backpackers around the world. Because our users expect more from their gear, we provide expedition advice, technical support, troubleshooting and spare parts. We pride ourselves in our personal friendly service and honest advice, accordingly we always welcome questions and suggestions from users.  The Frequently Asked Questions sections is a gold mine of information. To help you plan your trip our Gas Canister Calculator is a unique tool to ensure you don’t take too many (or too few) gas canisters on your adventure.

MercatorGear Gas Canister Calculator 2.0

If you want to calculate how many gas canisters you will need for your trip, we have developed the really cool MercatorGear Gas Canister Calculator. This super useful calculator helps you to work out the minimum number of gas canisters you will need for you trip. The calculation is based on your specific cooking/water boiling needs, type of stove, length of trip and number of people. There is no “right” answer but our calculator allows you to experiment. Try different combinations of stoves, canisters and amount of usage to work out what is best for you. 

You can also increase the 20%  “safety reserve” calculation for extra peace of mind. And we even provide a calculation of carbon dioxide emissions based on your expected gas usage.

Users don’t need to register, we are not secretly collecting your data, and you don’t need to download anything. Best of all, the Gas Canister Calculator is totally FREE!


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