is the official European importer and retailer of specialist backpacking & expedition stoves and adapters from KOVEA Co Ltd.

We are deeply engaged with the specialist stove-using community, and provide advice and technical support for solo adventurers and expeditions in many parts of the world.

MercatorGear is more than just a retailer. Our close involvement with our users means that we have built a strong understanding of stoves users needs which we are feeding back into the innovation and product development processes.

We are currently working on a number of new products to address the needs of stove users world wide.

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Based in South Korea, KOVEA Co Ltd innovates, designs and manufactures more than one million camping stoves, gas torches, other mobile gas appliance each year. KOVEA is a preferred partner for the research, design and volume manufacturing needs of many of the world’s top stove companies. And KOVEA’s patented technologies are now at the core of a high proportion of the world’s specialist backpacking stoves.

 KOVEA’s range of specialist stoves draw on several decades of R&D, design and volume production experience. KOVEA stoves have rapidly become a hit with users due to their exceptional design and build quality. KOVEA manufactures all of its premium products in South Korea, where the high wage economy ensures that quality is consistantly higher than for products made “on the cheap” in low wage economies. KOVEA’s approach to innovation and design is reflected in International Design Awards for some of its new outdoor products.

Sponsorship & KOVEA are always interested to hear from adventurers looking for support for their particular project. We are particularly interested in those going to extreme or challenging environments and those with an interst in sustainability.  We will add details about some of our existing adventurers in the coming weeks. For an initial conversation please email 

KOVEA Innovation

KOVEA is at the forefront of stove innovation. Here are just a few of the ground breaking products to come out of the KOVEA “Skunk Works” in recent years.

KOVEA Alpine Master

Using advanced composite materials and surface combustion technology, the KOVEA Alpine Master raises the bar in heater technology to deliver unprecedented rapid boil times and fuel efficiency.

Using a combination of advanced technologies, the KOVEA Alpine Master boils 1 litre of water in a blistering 2 minutes 40 seconds!

KOVEA Induction Stove

Revolutionary New KOVEA E-Stove wins Prestigious GOLD Award from If DESIGN in Germany.

  • Read Press Release here:  KOVEA E-Stove: Gold Design Award Winner 
  • Read Article “Heat Exchange – KOVEA’s latest innovation set to change outdoor cooking” in Inside Outdoor magazine.

Revolutionary KOVEA EZ-Eco

  • Can be refilled with gas so you don’t need to carry a gas canister on the trail
  • Save gas by refilling from those half used gas canisters you have at home
  • Available now at REI stores in the USA
  • Coming soon to
  • See more pictures here: KOVEA EZ-Eco

ACADEMIC DISCOUNT   In recognition of the valuable contribution made by students and academics to the fields of science, engineering, environment, public policy & social development, we offer special academic discounts. If you are at a Higher Education establishment in Europe or UK, please contact us with details of your institution and field of study, and we will send you a 10% discount code.