Can I buy a cheap KOVEA products on eBay?

Can I buy KOVEA products on eBay? KOVEA does not have an official eBay presence. But you can find several KOVEA products for sale through eBay sellers in Korea, Hong Kong and China. These sellers are not authorised to export to Europe. This is because their products do not comply with all of the requirements of the European gas safety regulations. As a result, their products are not covered by KOVEA’s world-wide warranty.

If you purchase from an unauthorised dealer outside of Europe, your product will take 1-2 weeks to reach you, and you will have no legal right to return your product and claim a refund if you change your mind. is authorised as an official dealer by KOVEA Co Ltd. Our products are fully compliant with European safety regulations. These products are also covered by our after-market service. We post out orders on the day we receive them, and you can expect delivery within 3-5 days in the EU. We are also openning a fulfilment centre in Germany to speed up delivery even further.

In addition to our activities as an official dealer, we are very much part of the stove-using community. We support challenging expeditions and conduct valuable product testing and research to help keep you safe, and to help innovate new products.

Next time you see cheap deal on eBay, think again. Please buy fully compliant KOVEA stoves and KOVEA adapters from

KOVEA Spider
KOVEA SPider in the snow