Do you provide Technical Support & Spare Parts? now provides Technical Support and a global Official KOVEA Spare Parts service for KOVEA Co Ltd.

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We currently support mainly backpacking stoves but we are adding to the range of KOVEA products we support. This means we cannot deal with all enquiries, but will help where we can.

If you need a spare part, please look at our Official KOVEA Spare Parts page.

If you have a Technical Support question please contact:

We hold some spare parts in Europe and can often source other parts direct from KOVEA Co Ltd.

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For maintenance advice, there is a really good post on the MSR website here:

The MSR Stove Maintenance Guide – The Summit Register (

Please note that KOVEA items purchased in Europe through eBay are not covered by the KOVEA Global Warranty as these items do not comply with strict European safety standards.