How to use the piezo igniter which comes with the KOVEA Spider?

For best results with the piezo igniter, make sure:

1. that the metal end of the igniter is touching the top or side of the burner head;

2. gas is flowing at a low to medium rate from the stove (i.e. NOT at full power)

3. click several times rapidly while ensuring that the metal end of the igniter remains in contact with the stove burner head.

If the stove doesn’t light straight away, turn off the gas for a few seconds and repeat 1-3 above. It is important that the igniter is touching the burner head while lighting.

If you are going above 2500m, you might notice piezo performance start to deteriorate due to reduced air density. You can counter this by bending the terminal to close the gap which the spark needs to cross. If you are planning on spending time above this altitude it is a good idea to take another form of lighter for your stove (fire steel or flint-based cigarette lighter) just in case.

KOVEA Piezo Igniter