How to I justify to my partner that although I have several stoves already, I now need a KOVEA Spider?

“I need a new KOVEA Spider but I don’t know how to justify to my partner that I really need to buy another stove. What should I do?”

This is a very common question! After extensive research, we have come up with some very good reasons to explain to your loved one(s) why it’s worth spending just a little bit extra for a KOVEA Spider.

o “The KOVEA Spider is safer than a normal stove due to its low centre of gravity, very low carbon monoxide emissions and its anti-flare tube”

KOVEA Spider with 230g gas canister
KOVEA Spider – the last stove you will ever need

o “It is very easy to use and is popular with both the guys and the girls”

o “We can make really good food on it due to its fine flame control and special burner head – so no more burned pans”

o “It can be used in winter so we don’t need to use that noisy and heavy multi-fuel stove when the snow starts to fall”

o “It is a great investment because it can also run safely on very cheap aerosol-type butane canisters when used with a KOVEA butane adapter (see picture); so it will pay for itself within a year”

o “It will last a very long time due to its excellent build quality”

o “It is so well designed, compact and versatile that it is the last stove I will ever need “

And if that doesn’t work, the ace in the hole is;

o “The KOVEA Spider is so light and compact that I will even have room in my pack for some of your stuff!”

GOOD LUCK with these! We hope they work!