I’ve modified my stove to make it lighter / better. Are you interested?

• Yes and No: If you take the stove apart and modify it, you could be doing something dangerous resulting in higher emissions of potentially fatal carbon monoxide, or increasing the danger of flaring or explosion, so we cannot support modifications and strongly recommend you not to make them. Modifications also invalidate the warranty.

• But we also admire those creative individuals who come up with innovations. If you have any ideas for modifications which are consistent with our design objectives, and which our engineers could try out, we would be happy to look at these. For example, we are not going to make a stove entirely out of titanium because it is an inappropriate material for some components, (and it would cost a fortune) but sometimes simple practical ideas are the best. What is obvious to experienced users, may not be obvious to our design engineers in the lab, so our minds are always open to new ideas.

  • Here are a couple of ideas we have been looking at:
Titanium Spider Test Model

Titanium Spider” concept uses existing components including titanium pot supports from our successful canister top range.

This configuration has similar performance to the original KOVEA Spider.

Enhanced Spider

Power Spider” also uses existing components to boost power by up to 50% through faster fuel flow.

Note that the burner head is the popular and reliable “blow torch” burner which is used on a number of high performance stoves including the KOVEA Power Nano and the MSR Pocket Rocket.

This configuration is optimised for very rapid water boiling, with good flame control for cooking.

In initial tests this configuration boils 500ml water in 2mins 45 seconds, using 5g of gas.