What is the MercatorGear “Right to Repair”?

The MercatorGear “Right to Repair” is an exclusive service for our customers to ensure that your gear lasts for many years. We provide technical support, trouble shooting and spare parts, as well as advice about how to fix your stove or adapter in the event of accidental damage or wear and tear.

MercatorGear Right to Repair
MercatorGear Right to Repair

We introduced the right to repair in response to the needs of our users around the world. Some users need spare parts packs and spare fuel lines for mountaineering or polar expeditions; extreme cold can sometime result in breakages. Others have been using KOVEA products for over ten years, and rather than buying new replacements, they wanted to keep their old favourite going for as long as possible. In one case, we managed to send a spare fuel pipe to a remote spot in the Yukon to replace one which had frozen solid and snapped. In one of our favourite cases, a KOVEA fuel bottle was stolen and damaged by a troop of baboons in Namibia. And also in Africa, we were able to find a fix for a stove which fell off the back of a motorbike in the middle of a transcontinental expedition.

Here are a few of the spare parts that we provide to keep you fully functioning on the trail.

KOVEA Booster+1 spares
KOVEA Booster+1 spare parts kit
KOVEA Spider KB 1109 Regulator Block