What’s so distinctive about KOVEA products?

KOVEA makes stoves for professional users and for leading stove brands around the world. But what is so distinctive about KOVEA products?

Users choose KOVEA because of our commitment to both safety and quality. KOVEA chooses to keep design and manufacturing in high-wage South Korea, where it has full view of quality of materials and the manufacturing process. As a result, KOVEA stoves tend to be a bit more expensive than products from low-wage economies nearby.

It may be unfashionable, but KOVEA products are built to last for many years and not to wear out or break after a couple of seasons. And for dedicated users who many wear out some parts, we provide a global spare parts service. This is why KOVEA products are a bit more expensive in the short term, but much smarter choice for the long run.

Finally, KOVEA stands for equality, and is the only major stove company with a female chair; Mrs Hae Keun Kang.