What is the KOVEA Butane Adapter?

KOVEA has designed several different adapters to allow stoves to run on different types of gas canister.

KOVEA Butane Adapter
KOVEA Butan Adapter

The KOVEA Butane adapter (above) enables the KOVEA Spider to run on cheap aerosol-type butane canisters.

These canisters have a nozzle type connector (and not a screw thread connector)

Cost around £1.30 / $1.20 each for 227g of liquified butane.

KOVEA Butane Canister
Butane canisters
4 x butane canisters for £4.29 = less than £1.08 each
low cost butane canisters

Look out for the distinctive red cap.

Widely used for BBQ stoves and domestic cooking in east Asia.

Widely available in Europe, North America and elsewhere in Asian supermarkets, hardware stores, discount stores, and outdoor stores.

Best usage in above freezing temperatures.

Can be used below freezing at altitude.

Butane canisters are so cheap they are usually sold in packs of 4 for the same price as a single 230g screw thread iso-butane/propane canister.

KOVEA Spider and Butane Adapter

Typical use: KOVEA Spider, butane adapter and butane canister making an omelette on a large domestic frying pan in the Swiss Alps at 10oC.

KOVEA Butane Adapter

The low cost of fuel and the very fine flame control on the KOVEA Spider allow for more ambitious and creative cooking.

KOVEA Spider and windshield Mark I