PRESS RELEASE: KOVEA E-Stove wins GOLD Award from iF Design

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KOVEA PRESS RELEASE 15th March 2017 (Munich, Germany)

REVOLUTIONARY Electronic Stove Wins Prestigious iF Design Award



Rechargeable Portable Water Heater


At the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 ceremony in Munich, Germany on 10th March, KOVEA Co Ltd was awarded the prestigious GOLD AWARD for the world's first Portable Electronic Induction Heater, known as the KOVEA E-Stove (KES).

ID Design Awards 2017


Gold Award Jury Statement

“The lightweight and incredibly compact mini induction cooker from KOVEA, transports high-tech kitchen technology to the outdoor realm. Since traditional liquid or gas camp stoves generate carbon monoxide fumes, up until now it has not been possible to cook in small, enclosed spaces such as tents. The rechargeable battery marks the end of gas canister waste. An ecologically responsible product and a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature for years to come.”



  • The KES is set to revolutionise off-grid water heating and cooking for backpackers, emergency services, aid organisations and preppers alike.
  • Driven by the desire to eliminate harmful emissions and waste, KOVEA R&D team came up with the radical idea of using rechargeable electronic induction technology at the heart of the new stove.
  • The KOVEA KES prototype can provide an hour of efficient water heating from one charge. In its current form that would suit day hiking or short overnight camping trips. In the future, the production version will use new battery technology to increase heating capacity further still.
  • The KES can be charged from the mains, car or from portable charging devices and generators.

Environmental Gains: Elimination of Emissions and Waste

  • By cutting the link between stove and the gas canister, the KES saves all the resource used to manufacture, transport and store portable gas canisters. This removes a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and completely eliminates the creation of waste from empty gas canisters.

Sustainable, Clean & Renewable

·         In line with the strong trend to electrify everyday technology (think digital maps, wearable technology and electric cars), the KOVEA KES gives users the option to charge their stove using 100% renewable electricity generated from wind, solar, hydro, biomass and other sustainable sources.

Stove as portable charging hub

·         The high capacity battery used by the KOVEA Induction Stove can also be used to run lighting, to top-up mobile, satellite phones and other portable devices while “off grid”.


KOVEA E-Stove: Technology

         To achieve the current state of development, KOVEA R&D team developed a number of techniques and processes to bring the stove into existence. Key technologies include power management system, thermal regulation and materials.

        According to KOVEA, one reason that R&D has managed to get so much heating power out of a battery is that induction heaters achieve an efficiency rating of around 84 percent; more than twice the efficiency of gas cookers. This means that the KES requires half the energy compared to a conventional gas powered stove for the same amount of heating.

Further Details

  • KOVEA Co. Ltd is a South Korea-based engineering and consumer products company focused on research, design and high volume manufacture of portable stoves, gas appliances and outdoor equipment. The company also runs the leading outdoor retail chain in south Korea.

  • KOVEA Co Ltd spends well above industry average on R&D, and has been responsible for some of the key technological advances in portable stove technology over the last 30 years. Other innovative KOVEA products include: KOVEA Spider 4-Season Remote Canister Stove; and KOVEA EZ-ECO, the world’s first canister-less gas stove. 
  • KOVEA's patented technologies are licensed to many outdoor companies around the world and the company strongly defends its patents and designs against unauthorised imitators.

  • iF International Forum Design GmbH has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design for over 60 years. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. All awarded entries are featured on the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, and are displayed at the iF design exhibition Hamburg, Germany. See:

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