KOVEA Gas Canister Adapters

 KOVEA Gas Canister Adapters - Greatly increases your choice of gas canisters

campingaz cv300 and kovea butane adapter KOVEA Butane Adapterbutane canisters

KOVEA 'Push & Turn' Adapter (for blue canisters with a click-type connector popular in France)

KOVEA Butane Adapter and A4 butane canisters (note the red plastic protector)

Since KOVEA patented the "Push & Turn" connector the company has been manufacturing adapters to allow standard screw thread stoves to run on two common alternative types of gas canister.

In countries and locations where blue camping gas canisters with "click"-type connectors are most common, the KOVEA PAT Adapter increases your choice of canister. If you wish to slash your fuel bill by up to 75% you can run your stove on cheap aerosol-type (A4) butane canisters with a bayonet connector using a KOVEA Butane Adapter


Kovea Gas Canister Adapters:


Kovea Adapters and canister typesLeft: Conventional Screw Thread (Lindal Valve) Iso-Butane/Propane canisters (230g & 100g)


Centre: Click-type canister popular in France and widely available in Europe (not available in USA). Iso-Butane/Propane (240g) with KOVEA PAT adapter


Right: Pure butane aerosol-type canister (227g) :(available Europe, North America, east & southeast Asia and Australasia) with KOVEA butane adapter

Product Code (KA N9504)

  KOVEA Campingaz adapterKOVEA "Push & Turn" (PAT) ADAPTER - essential when backpacking / camping in French speaking parts of the world.

  • Allows you to run your KOVEA screw thread stove on blue camping gas canisters with a "click" connector 
  • Essential in France, parts of the Alps, north and west Africa where only one type of backpacking canister is available
  • Use in the UK and for worldwide travel to increase your fuel canister options
  • KOVEA also manufactures this adapter for Vaude/Edelrid/Markill
  • KOVEA Product Code: KA 2004  
 KOVEA PAt adapter for Campingas


KOVEA PAT Adapter allows Kovea Spider to run on resealable camping gas-type canisters with "click" connector. 

NOTE: The KOVEA PAT adapter cannot be used with the Campingaz C206 GLS non-resealable canister  


Extract from KOVEA Patent 0129629 Published 10 April 1998


KOVEA PAT & Butane Adapters both use an innovative connector which was first patented by KOVEA (Patent KRO 0129629)

The design has been widely adopted by manufacturers around the world, but never improved!

Butane AdapterKOVEA BUTANE ADAPTER - slash gas canister bills by allowing KOVEA Spider to run on cheap butane canisters which are usually 50% to 70% cheaper than standard butane/propane screw thread canisters.

Pure butane canisters are extremely cheap because they are manufactured by the hundreds of millions each year for domestic and catering cooking stoves. Because they don't contain liquefied propane, they require less metal to manufacture and the manufacturing process is itself widely used for other aerosol-type canisters.

  • When used with the KOVEA Spider, this combination gives unbeatable fuel economy in terms of cost per standard boil.
  • Pure butane canisters are also 20% lighter than butane/propane (screw thread) canisters
  • KOVEA's patented Butane Adapter has a built in safety valve to prevent accidental gas leakage
  • Our tests show that the KOVEA Spider, butane adapter and pure butane canisters can be used in most seasons where the temperature remains above freezing. 
  • To prevent performance deteriorating below around +5oC (41oF) the butane canister should be kept warm before and during use.

Low cost aerosol-type butane canisters are available in camping shops, some DIY stores and garden centres, and Chinese and Korean supermarkets in much of Europe, north America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand.

We found very low cost Max brand canisters in a Japanese supermarket in Los Angeles ($4.36 for 4 or $1.09 each)

Kemper butane in FranceIn UK camping shops you can quite often find a popular brand on sale at £10 for 8 CP250 canisters (£1.25 each)

We found 4-packs of Kemper brand butane canisters for €9.95 at a motorway service station in France (2.49 each)


 KOREA Foods Butane 15


At MercatorGear.com we buy our butane canisters from Korea Foods in southwest London where a four-pack costs £4.29 (£1.08 each)Korea Foods 4 pack



large pasta sauce made on Kovea Spider and Adapter running on pure butane

Base camp dinner: At +10oC at 1,600m the KOVEA Spider/butane adapter provides plenty of power for making a big pasta dish by frying onions, garlic, and chorizo sausage, adding two tins of tomatoes, a dollop of sun dried tomato paste, a dash of hot Harissa sauce and boiling 750g of pasta. This was sufficient for a main course for 4 adults and 3 children.

We used a full sized frying pan with a fairly thick base. As the butane fuel is very cheap it allows the outdoor chef to be more creative without worrying about the gas bill.

Scrambled egg on butane

Base camp breakfast: Scrambled egg made on the KOVEA Spider/Butane adapter and butane canister combination.

A small non-stock frying pan was used for made-to-order eggs for breakfast. The fried egg and stuffed omelette also turned out well.

The butane canister was left outside overnight to test cold starting. It lit first time in a morning air temperature of +4oC at an altitude of 1,600m. 

brewing up in the Swiss Alps

On the trail: Brewing up with a KOVEA Spider / butane adapter / pure butane in the Swiss Alps at 2,400m. Air temperature was around +6oC. The butane set-up boiled nearly a litre of water in under 5 minutes, sufficient for hot chocolate drinks for four.

Some stove / fuel combinations are faster, but the we think that 5 minutes with views of glaciers and peaks like these is time well spent.


Added Bonus: The KOVEA Spider, lightweight kettle and butane set-up (see below for more details) is lighter and cheaper to run than most popular brands of meths stoves and personal cooking systems.


vapourisation point of butane declines with altitude

(Above) low temperature performance of liquefied butane actually improves with altitude as its boiling point declines. This is described by the Troughton-Hildebrand-Everett rule which is use to calculate the relationship between air pressure and boiling point.

  • at sea level pure liquefied butane boils (vapourises) at close to freezing point (32oF)
  • at 3,000m (9,842ft) pure butane vapourises at -10oC (14oF)
  • pure butane can therefore be used at progressively lower temperatures on e.g. the JMT, Mont Blanc & Everest Base Camp
  • at (or below) freezing point at sea level, pure butane struggles as a fuel because at that altitude and temperature it won't vapourise.    
KOVEA butane adapter snow  

Cold weather test: KOVEA Spider / butane adapter running on pure butane in a strong wind at 2 degrees below freezing at sea level. A drinks can wind shield and foil base were used to protect against a gusting wind, and to retain heat while allowing in sufficient air for efficient combustion.

The butane canister was warmed in a jacket prior to use, and kept warm during use by placing it in the "Goldilocks zone" about 7cm from the stove.

(The "Goldilocks zone" is the area which is not so warm that the canister becomes hot to touch, but is sufficiently close that one side of the canister receives gentle warming from the stove itself. The canister should be monitored at all time to prevent overheating).

Warning: warming the canister from the heat of the stove in this way requires constant monitoring of the canister to prevent overheating. Only experience stove users should try it, and at their own risk.

Above +4oat sea level no warming of the canister is required. At higher altitudes e.g. above 2,000m, the minimum temperature range (without pre-warming the canister) is several degrees below freezing.

For best results when using pure butane in cold weather, the canister should be kept slightly warm (no more than body temperature) to encourage the liquid butane inside to vapourise to produce butane gas.

Footnote on KOVEA Spider Anti-Flare tube


Click Below to See Anti-Flare Infographic

Anti-flare Infographic



  • The KOVEA butane adapter should only be used with the KOVEA Spider remote canister stove as the Spider has a special Anti-Flare tube to ensure safe operation.
  • Many cheaper remote canister stoves do not have pre-heat/anti flare tubes to prevent liquid gas from flaring dangerously through the burner. For your own safety please do not use the butane adapter with these cheaper remote canister stoves.
  • More expensive established brands of remote canister stove do have pre-heat/anti-flare tubes, and so should be compatible. But as we have not tested the KOVEA adapters with these established stove brands you should consult with your retailer or local service centre to see if they can be used with the KOVEA butane adapter.
  • The KOVEA butane adapter is not compatible with the JetBoil Helios and the Trangia Gas Burner.
  • Please contact MercatorGear if you have a question about compatibility with your own remote canister stove. 
Inside a butane canister