KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide - in depth

KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide (APW) - In Depth

Design, technology and cooking options from the MercatorGear mobile R&D centre

See out video Alpine Pot Wide: Out of the box & into the Wild


Design Philosophy

KOVEA has drawn on more than ten years of experience with the Alpine Pot series, including several years of concept development, R&D and design work.

In the current version of the APW, design philosophy prioritises safety, fuel efficiency, durability and versatility above everything else.

  • The result is a stove which is more than just a mobile kettle; the APW is tough enough for some of the most harsh environments and versatile enough that you can use it to make some of your favourite foods quickly and with extraordinary fuel economy.
  • Key safety features include:
    • Sturdy folding wire handles which are attached to the pot itself (instead of fabric handles attached to the pot cosy)
    • Retractable control knob which is safe and easy to access when in use
    • Robust plastic stove housing (rather than a flimsy lightweight design)
    • Glowing indicator which shows clearly when the stove is lit
  • Key fuel efficiency features include:
    • Substantial 3rd generation heat exchanger with large surface area
    • Wide pot shape retains heat better than a narrow pot due to its smaller surface area in relation to volume
    • Sophisticated 3rd generation burner head combined with KOVEA's market leading regulator technology provides ample power and allows very fine low flame control efficient heating and simmering.


This all means that you have many food options with the KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide

KOVEA APW: The Mobile Noodle Maker

Noodles make a fast and filling snack on the trail. The APW can boil up to two packets of noodles in one go: 3 mins to boil 400mls of water.  Put in the noodles and soup base, turn the flame down to a gentle simmer, and they're done in 3 more minutes. You can crack an egg or two into the boiling water for extra nutrition. 

KOVEA APW: Pasta on the move

The wide 1litre pot means you can also cook 250g of pasta on the APW with ease and efficiency. "Quick cook" macaroni allows for hot pasta in just 10 minutescooking time from ignition to eating. Add pesto, spicy sausage, or cheese for flavour.

KOVEA APW: The Mobile Rice Cooker

100g of uncooked white rice. 250ml water. Heat until the water boils (3-4 mins).

Turn down the flame to a very low but stable setting so that the rice is only just simmering. Simmer for 12 to 13 minutes. Turn off the gas, and leave to stand for 5 minutes (this allows the rice to absorb any remaining moisture and prevents the pan from burning). After 20 minutes in total, take the lid off to see perfectly cooked rice, no burned pan, no draining required.

Cooking 100g of rice in this way uses only 3g of gas (and provides around 350 calories, a reasonable sized portion for one adult).

For 200g of rice requires water up to the 500ml level. Initial boil on a medium flame takes around 3.5 minutes. Flame turned right down to the lowest simmer for a further 12 minutes. After 15 minutes in total, turn off the flame and leave to stand (with the lid on) for a further 5 minutes.

Total time: 20 minutes. Total gas usage = 6g. Enough rice for 2 adults (or one very hungry one): 


Cooking Tip: to get the ratio of uncooked rice and water correct at the start, make sure that the depth of water is twice the depth of the uncooked rice in the bottom of the pot.

Safety Tip: avoid filling above the 500ml marker inside the pot to keep the centre of gravity low and to reduce the risk of boiling over. Always ensure the APW is on a firm flat surface.

And here are some things you can do with the Alpine Pot Wide and universal pan support which comes with it..

KOVEA APW: Wake up and Smell the Coffee

KOVEA APW: Mobile Fry Up

Bacon, fried egg and baked beans (without burning the pan)

 KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide - perfect fried egg


KOVEA APW: Haggis on the go


 Oh yes, and you can also use the KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide to boil water....


KOVEA APW seen here making the first brew of the day on a wild camp somewhere in the Brecons (above) and on the way to the Alps (below)

 Alpine Pot Wide - Alps road trip

High up on the trail, noodles don't get any better - or more convenient

 Kovea APW noodles

Even something for junior when you are on the move...

Kovea APW warming baby bottle

Fine flame control means you can get the temperature just right (37°C / 98.5°F), but always test the temperature of the milk before dispensing.

See out video Alpine Pot Wide: Out of the box & into the Wild