KOVEA Spider with Trangia Cookset

Many of our users have reported that the KOVEA Spider works very well to improve performance of the excellent Trangia cookset.

This is because the KOVEA Spider is extremely compact and fits very well with the Trangia windshield.

And when folded up the KOVEA Spider is so small that it fits inside the Trangia kettle.

As the KOVEA Spider is designed for cooking, it also provides much more power and superior flame control compared to the traditional meths/spirit burner.

Used with the Trangia cookset, you can

  • boil water in half the time of a meths burner
  • simmer on a low flame much more effectively
  • operate at temperatures down to -20 degrees C

See video here:  https://youtu.be/TbFeu1Nw5kE


KOVEA Spider with Trangia cookset

KOVEA Spider simmering water with a Trangia cookset (La Fouly, Switzerland)


Placing the Trangia windshield over the KOVEA Spider  (Nordkapp, Norway)

(Read the trip report / review from the Nordkapp expedition, here: http://der-gruendel.de/blog/tests)


a really snug fit


KOVEA Spider inside a Trangia windshield

...and the KOVEA Spider burner and pot supports fit perfectly with the flame aperature and air holes in the Trangia windshield

You can also use the Spider without the Trangia windshield as the Trangia pots are very high quality and good for cooking (Nordcap, Norway)

KOVEA Spide with Trangia Frying pan / skillet

 KOVEA Spider with Trangia frying pan / skillet  (Brecon Beacons, Wales)

KOVEA Spider inside a Trangia 25 kettle

When folded, the KOVEA Spider fits inside the Trangia 25 kettle


Cooking bacon in Trangia pan with KOVEA Spider

 Cooking bacon on a KOVEA Spider with Trangia frying pan / skillet (Brecon Beacons, Wales)