About Kovea


  • is the world's leading integrated designer and volume manufacturer of advanced lightweight backpacking and camping stoves, and outdoor gear.

Why haven't I heard of KOVEA before? 

  • KOVEA are best known in their native South Korea, as well as in Japan, Australia and New Zealand where KOVEA branded stoves and canisters are widely available and where KOVEA is the market leader in several segments. 
  • But KOVEA's main business is designing and manufacturing stoves and gas equipment for other companies, principally some of the world's leading stove brands including;
    • Japan: the market leader in the demanding Japanese stove market where technical and safety standards and some of the most discerning consumers in the world, defeat most foreign manufacturers. KOVEA has met SnowPeak's exceptionally high product design, manufacturing quality and testing requirements as well as Japan's regulatory hurdles to bring exceptional stove performance to Japanese campers, climbers, mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts.
    • USA: the company behind some of the most well know outdoor equipment brands, including perhaps the world's best known stove brand. KOVEA designs and manufacturers most of the market leader's backpacking gas stoves in large volumes.
    • Germany: the leading German manufacturer of high-end mountaineering equipment. KOVEA makes their high performance mountaineering stoves.
  • It is therefore very likely that if you are premium stove user, you are very familiar with KOVEA product design and manufacturing quality, without knowing it.
  • We hope to change that by supplying KOVEA's own designed, manufactured and branded products to discerning customers in the UK and Europe.

What's so special about how KOVEA make their stoves?

  • KOVEA is the unsung hero of portable gas stoves have designed and manufactured many of the top gas appliances world wide. As KOVEA makes over 1.2 million portable gas appliances a year including 300,000 gas camping stoves, the company has become expert in high volume, high quality production engineering and product safety. But it is not resting on its laurels. Taking a page from the quality control philosophies and processes of high-tech electronics and automotive companies, KOVEA is currently improve production quality even further by focusing on processes and quality control both at its own facilities and at suppliers of components and materials.  We think that this well directed obsession with achieving quantifiable industry-leading quality is worth talking about.
  • Over the last 30 years KOVEA has invested heavily in R&D and Product Development, and paid less attention to marketing itself. We think that the products which KOVEA has created and which it manufacturers in large volumes and with exceptional reliability are exactly what discerning buyers in price concious UK are looking for. Because they have not spent wildly on advertising, and headline catching promotions, they are able to pass the cost saving down through the distribution channels to offer consumers exceptional product quality at fantastic prices.
  • Despite its low profile, KOVEA is extremely open about its manufacturing activities. If you purchase KOVEA products you know that they have been manufacturer to ISO 9000 quality standards at the KOVEA factory at Bucheon close to Seoul and Incheon, in South Korea. 
  • Sourcing: All key gas stove components are sourced from its high tech supplier network within South Korea. All component are also tested and certified to ISO 9000 standards. 
  • KOVEA does not believe in subcontracting key safety related components to anonymous suppliers in low wage countries. South Korea is a high wage, high technology economy where cost saving can only be achieved from advanced supply chain management and cutting edge production engineering
  • KOVEA manufacturing activities meet the very high Korean standards for environmental management, emission and waste recycling. The Korean standards are based on and conform to American EPA environmental standards. They are also comparable to rigorous environmental standards in Europe and Japan - both in terms of the word of the law, and importantly, in terms of actual compliance. 
  • KOVEA's labour standards are also governed by Korean employment law, which is advanced, transparent and vigorously enforced.

(see a new video about KOVEA including footage of its R&D and design activity, here)

Original Premium Products

  • The KOVEA Spider is a brand new design which is getting rave reviews from independent experts and early users alike. It is set to become the stove of choice for discerning outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Don't listen to us though. We are not exactly objective. Instead, try Googling "Kovea Spider review" so see what we mean.
  • KOVEA's design team has also come up with other great innovations. They were first to come up with the concept of the personal cooking system. After years in development the Alpine Pot and Alpine Pot Wide will soon be available in the UK.
  • KOVEA has just released an even more innovative cooking system - one which does not require a gas cylinder at all while on the trail. The Black Alpine can be charged up from a conventional gas cylinder while at home or base camp, with enough gas to provide six 500ml boils. So you don't need to lug around an empty gas cylinder, and your empty can be recycled correctly to minimise environmental impact. 
  • There are also the Hydra & Booster+1 Multi-fuel expedition stoves which raise the bar in terms of product design, compactness and quality. The new Hydra stove runs on white gas (we use Aspen A4) and butane/propane gas canisters. The ingenious design has to be seen to be believed and is by far the quietest liquid fuel pressure stove available.

KOVEA Product Categories

  • Gas and Gasoline Stoves
  • Gas Lanterns
  • Gas Torches (for kitchen and industrial use)
  • BBQ / Charcoal Stoves
  • Cookware (for outdoor use)
  • Trekking Poles (carbon fibre and titanium)
  • LED Lights
  • Tents / Sleeping Bags / Mats
  • Crampons 
  • Aluminum Tables

Qualtiy and Safety Certification

  • KOVEA takes certification of its products and business processes very seriously. After rigorous and on-going work it has been awarded the quality and safety certification by the following inspection and testing organisations.


Primary Customers

  • Iwatani Corporation (Japanese supplier of gas cooking, heating and industrial equipment)
  • Snow Peak (Japanese high end supplier of stoves, cookwares and outdoor equipment)
  • Cascade Designs (USA, owns one of the world's best known stove brands)
  • Edelrid GmbH (Germany manufacturer of high end climbing equipment and own branded stoves for backpacking and climbing)
  • More than 40 Kovea Brand Distributors World
  • Large Domestic Retailers in Korea (including 41 "Vision KOVEA" outdoor equipment stores)

 Kovea store in Korea


Finally, KOVEA is a strong believer in gender equality, and is proud to be the only major stove manufacturer with a female Chair, Mrs Hae Keun Kang

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