KOVEA International Design Awards


In recent years KOVEA has invested heavily in product design to build on its already strong R&D and engineering capabilities. The investment started to bear fruit with prestigeous awards from GoodDesign (South Korea),  ISPO (Germany) & Red-Dot (Germany).


Every year, ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO AWARD. A jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluates several hundred entries – also from non-exhibitors – following clearly defined criteria. This premium selection presents a welcome orientation for both sports business professionals as well as end-consumers. It serves as a reference for retailers when choosing their upcoming product range; to end-consumers, it is seen as an important purchase argument. Both trust the jury's neutral decision.


(ISPO Award Gold Winner 2015/16)KOVEA Cube

   The KOVEA Cube is also winner of the South Korean GOOD DESIGN Award   



(ISPO Award Gold Winner 2015)



KOVEA Giga Sun Heater

(ISPO Award Gold Winner 2014)

The main design concept of this product is to minimize the size while providing the maximal heat output. It runs very quietly and brings a feeling of calm. It is equipped with three safety features vital to any Kovea products; one being the Oxygen Deficiency System that automatically shuts off the product when the carbon monoxide levels reaches a dangerous level, and one being the automatic shut off of the product when oxygen reaches a low level.


ISPO AW14 GoldWinner

Jury Statement

"The Giga Sun fills a niche for Himalayan expedition mountaineering - a safe, high-efficiency, lightweight propane heater for your large base camp or eating tent. It definitely will provide extra comfort to base camp life."

Source: http://award.ispo.com/en/Winner-2014/Asian-Products/Equipment/KOVEA/


The Red Dot Award Design AwardThe Red Dot Design Award is an internationaproduct designprize awarded by the Design Zentrum in Essen, Germany. There are prize categories for product design, design agencies, and design concepts. Since 1955, designers and producers can apply for the prizes with the winners being presented in an annual ceremony




KOVEA System Cookware 7-8

(Red-Dot Award Winner 2014)

This series of camping and outdoor cookware features a compact pack size and, thus, is easy to transport. Due to the hard anodised coating and an anodising process with 30-micron film from high-quality aluminium, the cookware provides excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. Designed for high-heat conduction, the fry pan is produced from 2-mm-thick aluminium with a fluoride Teflon coating, guaranteeing increased durability on the one hand and preventing food from sticking on the surface on the other.

Jury Statement
"This cookware series is characterised not only by an outstanding quality of materials, but also by its compact size, making it especially practical for outdoor use."


KOVEA L-Core  Rechargeable Lantern

(Red-Dot Award Winner 2014)

RedDot KOVEA L Core The battery-powered L-Core lantern provides a wide array of lighting options for indoors as well as outdoors. A dimming dial makes it easy to choose from different lighting settings, while the CR 180 lamps provide soft and glare-free illumination. Both ends are equipped with eyelets and carabiners, making it possible to connect several lanterns with one another. In addition, the carabiners serve as flexible fastening mechanisms. L-Core is available in two different colour schemes.

Jury Statement

"Thanks to the consistent implementation of its functional design concept, the L-Core rechargeable lantern is particularly functional and easy to use."