KOVEA Titanium KB 0101 - Replacement Top Screw

£ 3.00 each

Replacement top screw for KOVEA KB-0101 Titanium Stove

NOTE ON COMPATIBILITY: The replacement top screw is compatible with most KOVEA KB-0101 Titanium stoves. But one earlier batch of stoves with slightly different pot supports (see image below) uses a different top screw. If your stove has pot supports which look like the ones in the pictures below, please check with us before purchasing a replacement top screw.

KOVEA Titanium Replacement Screw Guide

The older version of the top screw comes in two parts (see pic below): a sleave and a screw. You can order this item through this page, but please contact us to make sure we send the correct screw.

KB-0101 top screw - old version