KOVEA Alpine Pot Wide UP

£ 99.00 each

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Building on the success of the Alpine Pot Wide, the new UP version offers a larger 1.5 litre pot and more powerful burner with faster boil time.

A new lid attachment improves safety and improves performance.

  • Wide range of uses from extreme expeditions to family picnics
  • Wide range of cooking options (not just a mobile kettle): fry bacon & eggs, baked beans without burning, boil pasta, rice & noodles, steam haggis, steam chocolate sponge pudding and many more options to enhance your outdoor living
  • High technology: KOVEA's enhanced Heat Exchanger technology for maximum fuel efficiency (typically 5g of fuel for a 500ml boil, or cook 250g dry weight of rice or pasta on just 7g of fuel)
  • Large control knob for easy of use & fine flame control; knob pops back into a recess after use
  • Sturdy folding wire handles are riveted to the pot itself for maximum stability & safety
  • Glowing element indicates when stove is lit - even in strong sunlight
  • Universal pot-support allows frying, simmering and boiling with most types of pots and pans, including narrow-based mugs & coffee perculators
  • Trail weight: 470g
  • Max Weight (including bag, protector, pot support etc) 535g
  • On the trail, the APWU can boil up to 23 litres of water on a single medium sized 230g/8oz gas canister (depending on conditions).
  • Manufactured at KOVEA's high tech production facility in South Korea
  • CE Marked for safety assurance; all components tested and manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards
  • Use with most brands of standard screw thread gas canister (canister not included)



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