KOVEA Spider Reviews


Here is what some of the UK and the world's leading independent* stove experts have to say about the KOVEA Spider and other KOVEA stoves (*reviews quoted are independent, and not paid 'advertorials')

Kovea Spider FoldedKovea Spider - with inverted canisterKovea Spider fits in an MSR Titan Kettle with gas canister



"Of the dozens of stoves I own & teach Scouts, the Kovea Spider is the one I carry. Except when DIY alcohol is allowed & feasible, it’s IMHO the Spider is the best all-around, all-season stove for 1-2 people, push-able with planning/skill/time to 4 people."



SCRAMBLE KIT, "Tested, Rated, Recommended  (June 2017, on-line)

"A wonderfully designed and well engineered stove, superbly finished in steel and brass, the Kovea Spider is solid and stable, robust and reliable. The Spider has very good flame control and flame dispersion and works very well in liquid feed mode, able to melt snow down to -23°C."  Read full review here


  DER GRUNDEL : (August 2017, on-line)  

  ..Markus tests out the KOVEA Spider with a Trangia cookset.


  Review: https://der-gruendel.de/index.php/blog/international 

  Review (original German version): http://der-gruendel.de/blog/tests




"The Kovea Spider is an excellent backpacking stove." 

Full Review: http://www.gearinstitute.com/hiking/stoves/item/kovea-spider


Graham ThomsonLIVE FOR THE OUTDOORS (July 2014 on-line edition)

"Where the Kovea Spider KB-1109 benefits is in its weight and price. Some similar stoves to this weigh 190g and are priced at £85-90, which makes the Kovea Spider a great choice if you want to save weight, cash and packed size."

From Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine (April-May 2014 print edition)

"Efficient in low temperatures the Kovea Spideris a 4 season option that's both very stable and powerful and takes the honours as "Best Buy"in the Remote Canister category."

"Overall we've gone for the Kovea Spider as "Editor's Choice" (across all categories) because of its solid performance in all weather, it's superb stability and its build quality throughout - which includes possibly the most resposive simmer control on a camping stove. Given 30 seconds to pick a stove from the shelf it's the one we'd choose 9 times out of 10."




From MyOutdoors: Camping Stoves Group Test


"As a remote gas canister stove the Kovea Spider is nothing short of excellent – with the evenings getting colder and alternative stoves beginning to struggle it’s defintely worth a look." (19 October 2013)

Phil Turner, Walkhighlands.com 


  "Build quality is exactly what you'd expect from the manufacturer behind many of the leading brand stoves, with every piece well machined and solid feeling - even the wire flame adjuster. The flame head is fairly wide for its size making the KOVEA Spider usable on family size pans without concentrating the heat around the centre and in test the simmer proved to be one of the best we've seen." (30 September 2013)


Dave Mycroft, MyOutdoors.co.uk


"The Kovea Spider is not only a darned good stove, it's a darned good deal.  It's my favorite inverted canister stove and my first recommendation to anyone looking for either a remote canister or inverted canister stove.  In case you haven't already figured it out, I really like this stove."


Jon Doran, Outdoors Magic


"The KOVEA Spider is quick to set up, and when ready to light, there is an easy to turn control attached to the top of the fuel hose which joins with the gas canister. This avoids getting burnt hands, and means the flame can be altered with gloves on, as it is a big enough size to do this. No fiddling about with a small knob on the hills with this stove. What is important on a cold day, is being able to get the stove going quickly and with no hassle and the stove delivers on this."


..and from the "Blogosphere"

Hikin Jim, Adventures in Stoving


"Speaking of design, there's a lot to like here. It seems nicely machined and designed with a reassuring sturdy feel. The stove supports fold out easily and lock securely into place, there's a neat pre-heater mechanism at the burner head and a fold-out wire flame adjuster"


Bikepacking With a Family (August 2017)

("Family adventures that involve bikes, a couple of forty-something year old parents, and their six and three year old kids.")  Read review, and some really nice pics here:  https://bikepackingwithafamily.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/boil-and-bubble-stove-and-pot-choice-msr-ceramic-2-pot-set-and-kovea-spider-stove/

Nick "Hill Gorilla" 


"Love the stove beyond expectations. Well built, light enough for my uses, like the ability to invert the canister when temps drop, and the control of the flame is better than any stove I have ever used. Cooked up bacon and eggs in its first test and could not have been happier with the results. I rave about this stove to anyone that will listen, and recommend it to all."

Hikin Jim, Adventures in Stoving


"Overall, this is one of the best pieces of gear that I own. It has performed very well under a wide range of conditions with zero fiddle factor. As you can see from the picture the stove is powerful enough for me to not even bother with a windscreen (you should use one to increase efficiency). It is incredibly easy to use, and has no unnecessary features that can fail."

 Ross Gilmore, Woodtrekker


"I have successfully used the KOVEA Spider at –10F (-23C), but you have to let the stove burn with the canister upright for about thirty seconds before inverting so that the preheating tube warms up."

Kovea Spider melting snow





From Backpacking Light


Kovea Spider Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzK5v2Mwlhs

Kovea Spider Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dF_gt9rvco

Kovea Spider Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSBemzL1HE8



KOVEA Alpine EZ-Eco (refillable cooking system)


KOVEA Titanium Supalite (56g)


KOVEA Titanium Stove (canister top, with Piezo ignition)


Kovea Titanium Video:  



KOVEA Booster+1

Hikin Jim: https://adventuresinstoving.blogspot.com/2017/02/review-kovea-booster1-dual-fuel.html

The Gear Institute: http://www.gearinstitute.com/hiking/stoves/item/kovea-booster-1

KOVEA Waterproof Igniter





- Other Comments -

 "I now find that I use the KOVEA Spider instead of my multi-fuel stove for when out on the hills. Both have a low profile and stable base, but the Spider wins on weight and compact size when packed away. Indeed since I got the Spider I haven't really used the multi-fuel stove." (private UK user, October 2013)


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