£ 46.00 each

The Original TripTarpTM for Backpacking is a multi-purpose tarp for organizing gear and planning backcountry adventures.

 "You don’t need everything, just everything you need"

 Plan Smart, Pack Smarter

TripTarpTM replaces your spreadsheets, multiple paper lists, and eliminates gear-decision anxiety. Know what gear to bring on what trip.

 Ideal for: youth expeditions, DofE, Scouts & Guides

  • Can be used for:  trip planning; gear list; ground mat; small tarp shelter / sun shade

 About TripTarpTM

TripTarpTM was developed by a professional backpacking guide and team of Emmy Award-winning information design creatives, along with extensive insight from a collection of outdoor professionals and hikers.  We ran a very successful campaign on KickStarter to raise the necessary funds to bring TripTarp into reality. We were overwhelmed by the amount of interest it generated from experienced backpackers and newcomers from across the USA and worldwide.


The product was born from a need to ensure that packing decisions made in the frontcountry didn't dictate decisions made in the backcountry. It formalizes a process already used by adventure travelers the world over.

Our goal is to ensure every backcountry adventure follows the map as closely as possible.

We stand for balancing wilderness preservation with open access for all, and creating products solely to promote that mission.

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Note 1: Purchase TripTarpTM through in Europe to avoid paying import VAT and import duty on products shipped from the USA.

Note 2: TripTarpTM has been designed as a planning tool (not as a survival product)