Expedition stoves are exposed to long periods of heat and cold, moisture, dirty fuels, food spillages and wear and tear from being thrown into backpacks.

Regular cleaning and maintenance checks will keep your stove in good condition and working for many years.

Here are some tips for maintaining the KOVEA Booster+1

KOVEA Booster+1: Maintenance Tips

If the stove isn’t lighting properly or if the valve is leaking, this might be because the fuel valve has some grit or dust obstructing it.

Here is how to flush out the valve with fuel.

Make sure to do this outside and away from any source of ignition.

After using with dirty fuels like diesel, paraffin or unleaded petrol, the preheat tube can become clogged with residue. 

You can use the maintenance tool to remove the inner wire.

Clean the wire and reinsert and clean several times before reassembling.

We will be adding further stove maintenance tips over the coming months.

If you have specific questions in the meantime, please leave a message in the comments box below.

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