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KOVEA Butane adapter is an original patented product designed and manufactured by KOVEA Co Ltd. Features include:

  • Built in safety-valve prevents gas leakage
  • Allows use of low cost aerosol-type 227g butane canisters (A4 or MSF 1A type) with the KOVEA Spider remote canister stove (See our article about butane canisters here)
  • SAVE up to £3.00 on every butane canister used: pays for itself after 3-4 canisters. After 15 butane canisters, the money saved has largely paid for your KOVEA Spider!
  • NOT for use with canister-top stoves, or stoves without anti-flare tube.
  • Compatibility: KOVEA butane adapter is compatible with 90% of premium brand remote canister stoves. It is not compatible with Coleman Fyrestorm, Primus Multi-fuel & Express Spider, MSR Whisperlite Universal and some Soto, EPIgas & Napolean products. If it is not compatible with your stove, you will be entitled to a refund.
  • Weight: 49g
  • Code: KA-N9504
  • (Gas canister not included)

*Fuel Economy: When used with a KOVEA Spider stove we have achieved fuel economy rates of 5p per 500ml of water boiled using pure butane canisters. This compares to 17p to 20p per 500ml boil using a standard screw thread isobtane-propane canister.

Safety Note: When using butane canisters on their sides, always ensure that the slot around the valve, is always facing upwards. This prevents liquified gas from flowing towards the stove and flooding the anti-flare tube. For extra safe usage, run the stove with the canister in an upright position first to heat up the anti-flare tube before placing the canister on its side.


A searchable directory of UK stockist of aerosol / bayonet-type butane canisters is available at Camping-Gas.com

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Weight 85 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 mm


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