KOVEA Butane Adapter

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  • Original patented product designed and manufactured by KOVEA
  • Built in safety-valve prevents gas leakage
  • Allows use of low cost aerosol-type 227g butane canisters (MSF 1A type) with the KOVEA Spider remote canister stove
  • SAVE up to £3.00 on every butane canister used: pays for itself after 3-4 canisters. After 15 butane canisters, the money saved has largely paid for your KOVEA Spider!
  • NOT for use with canister-top stoves, or stoves without anti-flare tube.
  • Compatibility: KOVEA butane adapter is compatible with 90% of premium brand remote canister stoves. It is not compatible with Trangia gas stove, Primus Multi-fuel & Express Spider, EPIgas & Napolean brand products. If it is not compatible with your stove, you will be entitled to a refund.
  • Weight: 49g
  • Code: KA-N9504
  • (Gas canister not included)

*Fuel Economy: When used with a KOVEA Spider stove we have achieved fuel economy rates of 5p per 500ml of water boiled using pure butane canisters. This compares to 17p to 20p per 500ml boil using a standard screw thread isobtane-propane canister.

A searchable directory of UK stockist of aerosol / bayonet-type butane canisters is available at Camping-Gas.com

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