KOVEA P-Adapter


Allows you to use cheap puncture-type or pierce-type gas canisters with KOVEA’s standard screw thread camping stoves and lanterns.

Pierce-type canisters are significantly cheaper than standard screw-thread gas canisters because they do not have a self sealing valve.

Essential when travelling and car camping. Allows you to save money and increase your options by using puncture-type canisters.

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KOVEA P-ADAPTER (KA 1004) for puncture-type gas canisters

KOVEA P-Adapter (KA 1004) for puncture-type gas canisters allows you to use cheap pierce-type butane gas canisters with KOVEA’s standard screw thread camping stoves and lanterns.

Puncture-type canisters, also known as “pierce-type” canisters, are much cheaper than standard screw-thread gas canisters because they do not use a resealable valve which means they are cheaper to manufacture. KOVEA P-Adapter (KA 1004) allows you to use these low-cost canisters with your screw thread stove.

Essential when travelling and car camping because the P-adapter allows you to save money and increase your gas canister options by using puncture-type canisters.

Key Features

  • Use for worldwide travel to increase your gas canister options; especially useful in southern and eastern Europe, and places where screw thread canisters are less common.
  • Can be used with KOVEA Spider, and other stoves and gas lanterns.
  • Also made by KOVEA for Edelrid/Markill brands
  • Weight: 141g
  • Code: KA 1004

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Safety Notice

KOVEA P-Adapter is for for use with pierceable cartridges only. Pierceable cartridges cannot be removed without losing the gas inside. To avoid accidents, gas cartridge should be completely empty of gas before removing the P-Adapter. For additional safety, please only use pierceable cartridges which are manufactured to European standard EN417 2012 as these have new safety features.

Further Recommended Reading

Recommendation (summary) on the safety of type c200 piercable gas canisters and the appliances they power 04/06
German description:  Mit dem Stechkartuschenadapter können die preiswerteren. Stechkartuschen mit Gaskochern und Gaslaternen von Kovea und anderen Herstellern,  die über einen Gewindeanschluss verfügen, genutzt werden. Stechkartuschen verfügen über kein selbstschliessendes Ventil, so dass der Adapter mit der Kartusche verbunden bleibt, bis diese leer ist.  Der P-Adapter macht sie beim Reisen und Campen unabhängiger von der Wahl der Kartuschenart. 
KOVEA P-Adapter Video

Additional information

Weight 130 g
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