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Prepper Pack” KOVEA Spider stove PLUS 4 different KOVEA gas canisters adapters

The “Prepper Pack” includes a KOVEA Spider 4-season remote canister stove PLUS 4 different gas canister adapters for the most common types of portable gas canisters worldwide.

This allows you to run on 5 different types of portable gas canister.(See 1-5 below)

Prepper Pack” is for those who like to plan for uncertainty because with a “Prepper Pack” you will always be able to find gas for your stove.

With the KOVEA Prepper Pack, you can run your KOVEA Spider on the following gas canisters:

1. Standard Screw Thread Iso-butane Canister

The KOVEA Spider works out of the box with all universal 7/16th screw-thread iso-butane portable gas canisters.

KOVEA Gas Canisters

2. “Click”-type camping gas canister with KOVEA PAT Adapter (KA-2004)

KOVEA PAT adapterfor use with Campingaz TM “Click” type canisters.CV300 & CV450

3. Puncture-type gas canister with KOVEA P-Adapter (KA-1004)

P-Adapter kovea p-adapterfor use with pierce/puncture-type canisters.

KOVEA Spider and P-Adapter

4. Low cost butane cartridge with KOVEA Butane Adapter (TKA-9504)

Butane adapterKOVEA Butane Adapterto run low cost catering-type butane cartridges.

KOVEA Spider and Butane Adapter

5. 1lb propane tank with KOVEA LPG Adapter (KGA-1610)

KOVEA LPG adapter with a 1lb / 450g propane tank .

KOVEA Spider – 4-season remote canister stove (KOVEA KB-1109)

The only stove brand guaranteed to work with all 4 gas canister adapters

KOVEA Spider maximum power
KOVEA Spider


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7321.11-0000, 8481.80-9000


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