KOVEA Spider “Global Explorer” (bundle)


KOVEA SPIDER “Global Explorer” package

kovea spider global explorer
Kovea Spider, adapters and compatible canisters

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In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)


KOVEA Spider – light & compact 4 season remote canister stove with pre-heat / anti-flare tube for added safety and low temperature usage. Includes KOVEA Butane Adapter & KOVEA PAT Adapter for blue click-type canisters.

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Key Features

Special “GLOBAL EXPLORER” bundle allows the KOVEA SPIDER to run on the 4 most widely available portable gas canisters worldwide

  • The most compact remote canister stove ever built can now run on the 4 most commonly available gas canisters (See “Compatible Canisters” below: screw thread, click-type, bayonet-type & DIY screw thread)
  • True 4-season stove: easily melt snow at -20oC with standard canister
    • KOVEA Butane Adapter cuts running costs by up to 75% when used with aerosol-type butane canister which are widely available in Europe, North America and southeast & east Asia / Australasia.
    • KOVEA PAT Adapter allows use of Click-type camping gas canisters – greatly increasing your fuel options especially in France and the Alps.
  • Use very low cost aerosol-type pure butane canisters with bayonet connector – allows for more creative gourmet cooking at base camp and on the trail
  • The Spider’s smart burner head spreads flame widely for even heating and provides power when needed for rapid boiling
  • Very low carbon monoxide emissions
  • Very fine simmer control for fuel efficiency and gourmet cooking
  • Anti-flare / pre-heat tube improves safety and allows cold weather operation comfortably at -20OC (and lower with practice)
  • KOVEA Piezo Igniter & Lightweight carry pouch included
  • Folds up so small and flat (95x85x24mm) that it fits inside MSR Titan (with room for 100g gas canister). Also fits inside a Trangia 25 Kettle (with plenty of room for other items) and other small pots
  • CE Marked – tested and certified by independent third party to conform with rigorous European safety and environmental standards
  • Perfect for expeditions, gap-year and adventure travel.
  • As you cannot take gas canisters on planes, you can fly with your KOVEA Spider+ adapters, and use whichever gas canisters are available at your destination.

In the field

(We have tested the Spider in summer and winter from -20oC to very hot conditions, at altitude, for ultra light back packing and family camping, for quick brew-ups and gourmet cooking. Verdict: Exceptional versatility, performance, stability, safety and reliability)

Many of our customers use their KOVEA Spiders to enhance performance of their Trangia cooksets

We use our test Spiders with MercatorGear drinks-can wind shields to achieve even better performance.

KOVEA Spider Windshield Mark I








Check our Stove Safety Tips before use.

Check our Gas Canister Calculator to optimise your canister requirements

See recent review at Beyond The Ege

Beyond The Edge








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