KOVEA Spider plus PAT Adapter (bundle)


KOVEA Spider 4-season remote canister stove plus KOVEA PAT adapter for “click-type” camping gas canisters. Especially useful for cycle touring, long distance trails and multi-country travel in Europe especially Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland and UK.   KOVEA piezo igniter included

Weight: KOVEA Spider: 168g,  KOVEA PAT Adapter: 90g


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KOVEA Spider plus PAT Adapter Bundle combines two of our top selling products.

The KOVEA Spider 4-season “go anywhere” remote canister stove is the most compact and versatile stove in its class. The Spider has been used in extreme climates all over the world, and on some of the most grueling trails and bike tours. The Spider is designed to work with standard screw thread gas canisters, and all KOVEA adapters.

The KOVEA PAT adapter allows you to run your KOVEA Spider on widely available camping gas “Click”-type gas canisters. These canisters can be found across Europe, often at lower prices that screw thread canisters. And in many locations, these may be the only gas canister available.

KOVEA Spider plus PAT Adapter Bundle gives you two of the most sought-after KOVEA products in one bundle. It increases flexibility and reduces the worry about finding a compatible gas canister  when you reach your next re-supply point.

Check our Stove Safety Tips before use.

Check our Gas Canister Calculator to optimise your canister requirements

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