KOVEA Titanium Stove with integral piezo igniter


Engineered to last, tough canister-top stove with integral piezo ignition.

Weight: 93g

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KOVEA Titanium Stove with integral piezo igniter, is built to last

  • KOVEA Titanium Stove with integral piezo igniter, is a classic proven design which has endured many years of usage in harsh conditions.
  • Precision cast and machined brass regulator block and connector for near-indestructible robustness.
  • Folding titanium pot supports for strength and lightness. Pot supports unfold to an impressive 120mm across allowing use with a medium sized pot.
  • Precision regulator and stainless steel burner head give plenty of power (130g/hr) and fine simmer control. “Hot spotting” is avoided thanks to KOVEA’s unique wide flame technology.
  • Integral (but removable) piezo igniter for rapid and convenient lighting.
  • CE Marked.

Right to Repair




Longevity & Spare Parts

  • KOVEA Titanium Stove with integral piezo igniter, is built to last. So it often stays in service for ten or more years. We know expedition and military users who swear by their KOVEA Titanium stoves after years of use in extreme conditions (arctic, ant-arctic, Himalayas, Andes, Alaska, middle east).
  • MercatorGear now provides spare parts including  replacement top screws and replacement piezo igniters to keep your stove going even longer. Spare parts can also be taken on expeditions and for military users who want to take spares just in case. Our typical spare parts customers have been using their KOVEA Titanium stoves for ten years or more. They would rather keep them going for another ten years, than buy a budget alternative. You can’t say that for many products!

UK Testing

  • MercatorGear conducted a 6-month humidity and corrosion test.  We left a KOVEA Titanium stove attached to a gas canister permanently outside in the wind, rain, frost and snow from September to February. Once a week we did a test ignition in the early morning (usually the coldest part of the day). In most cases the stove lit first time. Occasionally the canister needed a bit of a shake to build up pressure. After 6 months, as the gas canister was starting to corrode around the base, we stopped the test. The stove itself got a bit stained and weather beaten. But the titanium, brass and stainless steel was free of corrosion and cleaned up well. Our test stove is now back in regular use.


  • KOVEA Titanium was first designed for the quality and safety conscious Japanese market. It has been in continuous production and service throughout the world for 15 years.
  • It is sold in some markets as “KOVEA Camp 3“. KOVEA also mades versions such as SnowPeak GP MicroMax, Markill Peak Ignition & Vargo Titanium Jet-Ti, all of which share its excellent quality and robustness.
  • Unlike some cheaper, newer stoves with built in obsolescence, the KOVEA Titanium is built to last for many, many years.


  • 93g (plus lightweight protective box) 83g with the igniter removed.

Summary: KOVEA Titanium Stove with integral piezo igniter

  • Engineered to last, the KOVEA Titanium is a design classic which is still the toughest, most compact and easiest to ignite canister top stove around.

Check our Stove Safety Tips before use.

Check our Gas Canister Calculator to optimise your canister requirements

Warning: Beware of cheap Chinese copycat stoves which look almost identical to the KOVEA Titanium but are made of cheap materials (not titanium or brass). In the genuine KOVEA design, form follows function, and function is based on a lot of R&D and testing by KOVEA over many years. In the Chinese copycat version, they seem to have copied the shape but using inferior materials to make it look like a bargain. The copycat cannot possibly be as safe or robust as the real things, so please be sure of what you are buying.

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Weight 190 g
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 50 mm
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