What is the best windshield for a KOVEA Spider?

With remote canister stoves like the KOVEA Spider, it is possible to put a windshield around the stove without causing the canister to overheat. This makes the windshield set up safe, and also greatly improves efficiency.

MercatorGear has developed a range of KOVEA Spider Windshields specifically for the Spider which are extremely light (18g), very effective and made from used aluminium drinks cans.

KOVEA Spider and Windshield Mark II
KOVEA Spider Windshield Mark I

See our more detailed article: KOVEA Spider Windshields:

You can also use standard windshields available in most outdoor stores.

Scramblekit in the UK has developed an excellent titanium windshield design for the KOVEA Spider, which is well worth looking at.

FlatcatGear in the United States also makes a range of titanium windshields specifically for the KOVEA Spider.

Flatcat Gear – Bobcat Windshield

We have also found that the KOVEA Spider fits very nicely under the Trangia windshield, and works extremely effectively.  By using the Spider in this way you can significantly boost your heating power and flame control. And as the Spider is small enough to fit inside the Trangia kettle, the two are a perfect match.

You can also use standard windshields available in most outdoor stores.

Safety Tips when using a windshield

Windshields help to increase fuel efficiency and reduce boil times by retaining and reflecting heat around the stove and pot. When using a windshield it is important to follow some key safety tips:

  1. Never have the stove on full power. Keep the flame low, otherwise you risk overheating which might damage your stove, windshield or pot.
  2. Watch your stove and windshield to make sure there is no smoke emerging (turn off the stove if you detect smoke)
  3. Be aware of burning smells which may indicate overheating.
  4. Do not put an empty pot on the stove when it is lit as this can damage or melt the pot.
  5. Be aware that the windshield, stove and pot can get extremely hot. A scolding danger exists for several minutes after the stove has been turned off.