KOVEA Spider “Standard”


A light & compact 4 season remote canister stove with pre-heat tube for added safety and low temperature usage. Includes free KOVEA Igniter.

Weight: 168g

In stock (can be backordered)


KOVEA Spider “Standard” 4-season remote canister stove with free piezo igniter

  • The most compact remote canister stove ever built.
  • True 4-season stove: melt snow at -23oC.
  • Smart burner head spreads flame widely for even heating.
  • Power when needed for rapid boiling.
  • Very fine simmer control for fuel efficiency and gourmet cooking.
  • Anti-flare / pre-heat tube improves safety and allows cold weather operation.
  • Folds up so small and flat (95 x 85 x 24mm) that it fits inside MSR Titan Kettle and 0.6 litre pots with room for a 100g gas canister. Fits inside Trangia 25 Kettle with plenty of room for other items.
  • Lightweight carry pouch and igniter included.
  • CE Marked – tested and certified by independent third party to conform with rigorous European safety and environmental standards.
  • Ultra low carbon monoxide (CO) emissions* due to KOVEA’s unparalleled expertise in combustion control (*CE Mark requires CO emissions of less than 1400 PPM. KOVEA Spider achieves CO emissions of just 127-160 PPM).
  • MercatorGear has tested the KOVEA Spider in summer and winter from sub-zero to very hot conditions, for ultra-light solo back packing. We also use it regularly for group trekking (one KOVEA Spider for 6 adults) and long distance thru-hikes for both quick brew-ups and gourmet cooking. The verdict? Exceptional versatility, performance, safety, reliability and unrivalled packability.

EU Customers:  You will  need to pay VAT in your country before delivery (this is because we have not charged you UK VAT).  There may also be additional delivery charges levied by your Post Office.  To claim a refund on any additional delivery charges (except VAT), please send us a picture of the bill.

We use our Spiders with MercatorGear drinks-can wind shields to achieve even better performance.

Kovea Spider - windshield setup







Many of our customers also use their KOVEA Spiders to enhance performance of their Trangia cook-sets

Check our Stove Safety Tips before use.

Check our Gas Canister Calculator to optimise your canister requirements

See recent KOVEA Spider review at Beyond The Ege

Beyond The Edge








Additional information

Weight 265 g
Dimensions 220 × 120 × 70 mm
HS Code





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