KOVEA Safety Valve Adapter Pack bundle

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  • Increase your gas canister options by connecting click-type canisters and low cost butane cartridges to your standard screw thread remote canister stove like the KOVEA Spider
  • Gain peace of mind if flying to a far off destination where you are not sure about fuel availability (because you can’t bring gas canisters on the plane)
  • Use the KOVEA safety valve adapters to use the right fuel for the right conditions
    • KOVEA Butane Adapter can be used with KOVEA Spider remote canister stove to slash fuel costs by running on low cost aerosol-type (MSF-1A) butane canisters in above-freezing conditions. ALWAYS make sure the notch on the butane canister connector is facing upward during use.
    • A searchable directory of UK stockist of aerosol / bayonet-type butane canisters is available at
    • KOVEA PAT Adapter can be used to connect KOVEA Spider, SupaLite, Titanium, Power Nano, Fireman and other KOVEA stoves & lanterns with “Push & Turn” (click-type) canisters. Compatible with most other screw-thread stove brands* (see below for exceptions)

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The KOVEA Safety Valve Adapter Pack bundle includes two of the most useful safety valve gas canister adapters;

KOVEA PAT Adapter  Allows you to use canister-top stoves and remote canister stoves with Camping Gas “Click” type canisters.

KOVEA Butane adapter Allows you to use remote canister stoves like the KOVEA Spider and Booster+1 with low-cost butane cartridges.

Built-in safety valves in both adapters prevent gas leakage. The Adapter Pack  is especially useful when travelling across borders to countries where you don’t know which gas canisters will be available. If you add the KOVEA Adapter Pack bundle to your stove, you can use three different canister types (standard 7/16th screw thread, Click-type, and butane cartridges). A lot of users carry both adapters when hiking long distance trails such as the Mont Blanc Trail or the Camino de Santiago

If you don’t know whether you can get the right kind of canister for your stove in the next village, it can be a big worry.  Our users report that the KOVEA safety valve adapters give them peace of mind when they are ready for re-supply. The KOVEA adapter pack solves the worry problem.

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*COMPATIBILITY: KOVEA Butane Adapter is not compatible with Coleman Fyrestorm, Primus Spider Express or EPIgas & Cadac products. 

  • Code: KA 2004  + TKA-9504

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