KOVEA Adapter Pack (bundle)


KOVEA ADAPTER PACK (smart bundle)

  • Increase your gas canister options by connecting click-type canisters and low cost butane cartridges to your standard screw thread remote canister stove like the KOVEA Spider
  • Gain peace of mind if flying to a far off destination where you are not sure about fuel availability (because you can’t bring gas canisters on the plane)
  • Use the KOVEA adapters to use the right fuel for the right conditions
    • KOVEA Butane Adapter can be used with KOVEA Spider remote canister stove to slash fuel costs by running on low cost aerosol-type (MSF-1A) butane canisters in above-freezing conditions. ALWAYS make sure the notch on the butane canister connector is facing upward during use.
    • A searchable directory of UK stockist of aerosol / bayonet-type butane canisters is available at
    • KOVEA PAT Adapter can be used to connect KOVEA Spider, SupaLite, Titanium, Power Nano, Fireman and other KOVEA stoves & lanterns with “Push & Turn” (click-type) canisters. Compatible with most other screw-thread stove brands* (see below for exceptions)

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KOVEA Butane Adapter is not compatible with Trangia gas burner, Primus Spider Express or EPIgas products. 

  • Code: KA 2004  + TKA-9504

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