Your Right to Repair

MercatorGear Right to Repair

At we believe that camping stoves and adapters should last as long as possible. 

We believe that the trend towards cheaper and cheaper disposable products is bad for the planet and bad for customers.

After you have paid hard earned money for our top-quality KOVEA products, we are committed to helping you keep them going for as long as possible with spare parts, advice and technical support. As a customer, this is your “Right to Repair

Check out the list below to see the products for which we currently supply spare parts.

  • All Products

    All Products (23)

    All KOVEA stoves and adapters available from Includes popular "PAT" and "P"adapter, KOVEA Spider remote canister stove, and many others
  • Discount Bundles

    Discount Bundles (6)

    KOVEA stove and adapter discount bundles give you guaranteed compatibility and unrivalled flexibility in your choice of gas canisters
  • KOVEA Adapters

    KOVEA Adapters (8)

    KOVEA gas canister adapters. Used for connecting stoves designed for standard 7/16 Lindal valve gas canisters to several different types of gas canister
  • KOVEA Canister-Top Stoves

    KOVEA Canister-Top Stoves (1)

    KOVEA canister-top stoves for ultralight backpacking and camping. For use with standard 7/16 Lindal valve isobutane propane gas canisters. Campingkocher.
  • KOVEA Spider Options

    KOVEA Spider Options (5)

    KOVEA Spider bundled with different KOVEA gas canister adapters to maximise flexibility and gas canister options according to your needs
  • KOVEA Stoves

    KOVEA Stoves (8)

    KOVEA Stoves for backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking, on the trail or campsite. Favoured by experienced users who expect high performance and quality.
  • Official KOVEA Spare Parts

    Official KOVEA Spare Parts (11)

    Official KOVEA Spare Parts including replacement fuel pipes, regulators, piezo igniters, fuel pumps, fuel bottles and O rings. For worldwide shipping.
  • Prepping Gear

    Prepping Gear (3)

    Essential-innovative-exclusive-prepping-gear A selection of exclusive and innovative items for preparedness and the prepping community

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