Replacement Regulator for KOVEA Spider (KB-1109)


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Replacement regulator block for KOVEA Spider (KB 1109)


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Official KOVEA Spare Parts:

Replacement Regulator for KOVEA Spider (KB-1109)

After long-term usage or overtightening, the thread on the regulator block for the KOVEA Spider, can become worn.

The thread on the connector block can also be damaged if it is cross-threaded and forced when attaching a gas canister.

The replacement regulator block can be easily replaced by disconnecting from the fuel pipe, and then reconnecting the new block using an 8mm spanner.

We also provide replacement fuel pipe and O rings for the KOVEA Spider.

If you need technical support in repairing your KOVEA Spider, please contact us.

This is part of your MercatorGear “Right to Repair”

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Dimensions 200 × 100 × 50 mm
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