Can KOVEA stoves withstand wild animal attack?

Can KOVEA stoves withstand wild animal attack? We build our stoves to be very robust by using the best quality materials and the best suppliers we can find. We don’t cut corners on quality. The last thing we want is for our stoves to fail you when you are out in the wild.  

KOVEA Booster+1 running off unleaded in Botswana ( Copyright: Slow Riders)
A new KOVEA user

We recently heard about an expedition in Namibia (in southwest Africa) which had the fuel bottle from their KOVEA Booster+1 stolen by a troop of baboons. Here is their story….

“Hey guys. I want to congratulate you guys on exceptional quality. We did the 5 day Fish River hike last week in Namibia (in southwest Africa) and on the morning of day 2 our KOVEA 1l fuel bottle was stolen by baboons. After chasing them down for about 1km on the rocks all the time having them drop and bite it, they dropped it down the side of a cliff. To my surprise the fuel was still in the bottle and it was not punctured. Luckily we were still able to make food and coffee for the rest of the trip. It looks in pretty bad shape now but did the job!”

Thanks Leroy!

Here is the actual Fuel Bottle from the KOVEA Booster+1 after the Baboon incident.

The screw top stopper is chipped but still works. The bottle itself is seriously dented and you can clearly see two big Baboon teeth marks in the middle. 

Importantly, the bottle was strong enough to prevent the baboon from getting to the good stuff inside.

So, can KOVEA stoves withstand wild animal attack? We build them tough, and the baboons of Namibia seem to agree!

Thanks again Leroy for the great story.