Can you make KOVEA stoves even lighter?

Stoves can be made even lighter, but weight is only one of several design objectives including safety, durability and cost.

To achieve lighter weight designs, it is necessary to select materials based in lightness, and this has an impact on safety, performance, durability and cost. For example; 

  • narrower pot supports are lighter than wide ones, but are less stable
  • aluminium is lighter than steel and brass for some components, but is not as strong
  • titanium is lighter and stronger than aluminium, but is expensive to manufacture and not always the most appropriate metal for heat control

KOVEA has the design capability to reduce weight further but its design philosophy is not to compromise on product safety and durability.

Despite these requirements, the KOVEA design team is always looking at ways of increasing customer satisfaction through innovation and “out of the box” thinking.

Demonstrating the KOVEA eStove prototype