How do you know if another brand of stove is made by KOVEA?

There are only a handful of volume manufacturers of backpacking gas stoves in the world. There are a few in China, one in Japan, a few in Europe (with some production in China), and one in South Korea (KOVEA). Between them, they make the vaste majority of all stove brands in the world. So how do you know if your stove of another brand is actually made by KOVEA?

That is fairly simple. Look on the box or in the product details on the product web page. If it says “Made in Korea” then it was most likely made by KOVEA.

If it says “Made in China” it is not made by KOVEA.

Look out for Fake KOVEA products!

Some Chinese manufacturers have been making illegal and inferior copies of KOVEA stoves. We have found copies of several KOVEA products which are made from inferior materials. Some copies have been banned from sale in Europe as they are dangerous.

If you find a product and want to check whether it is genuine, please contact us so we can verify it.

Check out our graphic below to find out more about where stoves are made for different brands.

(And remember that all KOVEA stoves are made in South Korea)

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