What is the lightest stove you can provide?

Weight saving is an important objective in the design process but eventually other attributes can suffer if weight saving is the single most important objective. KOVEA has put a lot of effort into designing stoves which last and which are safe. The materials used to achieve these design objectives means that KOVEA stoves are not the absolute lightest you can get.

But if you want a low-emission canister-top stove which is almost lightest gas stove on the market, then we can offer you the KOVEA Titanium Supalite which comes in a 56g and a 60g model.

KOVEA Titanium Superlite (56 grams)

It uses 4-5g of fuel to boil 500ml of water in 2.5 to 3 minutes on an medium (economy) flame setting.

The burner produces a unique wide flame pattern which is good for heating and cooking on larger pots. The regulator and valve are sensitive enough to simmer and lightly fry without hot-spotting.

Wide controllable, low emission flame produced by the KOVEA Titanium series of stoves

  • We work with adventurers, extreme sports people and the ultra-light community who often come up with great ideas for reducing weight without compromising safety and reliability. But to put stove weight into context it is also worth noting that during 24 hours in the hills or on the trail you need to consume around 3-5 litres of water weighing 3-5kg. And you might get through 500g of food and munchies. In damp humid conditions you can easily accumulate 100g of mud on each boot and 300g of moisture in your clothes and tent. In relation to these, our customers generally agree that 10g or even 50g of extra stove weight is a small penalty for having a stove which has been designed for safety, reliability, performance and longevity. 

See our video below of the KOVEA Supalite Titanium demonstrating how it can heat a wide pan, evenly and without hot spotting.

MercatorGear actually does make an incredibly light (and free) stove which we use for calibration purposes:

The MercatorGear 10g Hobo Stove (left) weighs just 10g, and uses 16g of meths to boil 500ml of water in around 7-8 minutes. It is not as durable, controllable, efficient, safe or fast as our KOVEA gas stoves. You can only really cook soup and noodles on it. It is made from beer cans kindly donated by FourPure Brewing Company. But as a stove for an occasional brew it’s an excellent bit of ultralight gear.